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Enterprise Profile

Xingzi (Shanghai) New Material Technology Development Co. Ltd. (hereafter XZnano) is a high tech enterprise based on cutting-edge nanotechnology. Being engaged in new materials technology, XZnano is investing great efforts in environmental technology in aspects of technology development, technology transfer, technical consulting, technology services, chemical raw materials, electronic products, electronic components, and R&D of semiconductor materials. With leading international technology, XZnano has great advantages in manufacturing fluorescence semiconductor nanocrystals (QDs).

XZnano has a young but very experienced team. Over 50% of company staff with doctor’s and master’s degree, have a number of national invention patents and international invention patents, participating in numerous national and provincial scientific research projects. Meanwhile, the company is equipped with perfect R&D production line, advanced detection equipment, mature core technology and advanced management team.

XZnano beholds that customer is the most essential power for the survival and development of a company. We perceive customer demand as guidance, take customized material support as the main content, provide scientific research cooperation, science and technology exchange and technical training to satisfy the diverse needs of different customers.



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